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PANELIST: Untangling the Politics of Black Hair - New Art Exchange Nottingham

How do you wear your hair? Why?

Does popular culture propagate an unrealistic, Eurocentric ideal of beauty?

What impact is this having on young people today?

NAE hosts a panel discussion chaired by Hannah Pool, Chair of UKFeminista, published author and journalist (The Guardian, The Times, Grazia.) Taking the political and cultural significance of black hair as our starting point, the panel – artists, cultural commentators, academics and activists – will discuss the relationship between hair and post-colonialist beauty ideals, and the impact this has had on perceptions of identity. Local young people will lead a discussion around how popular culture is influencing the next generation's sense of self-worth. The event will also explore how we can begin to eradicate negative reinforcement and promote positive experiences. Join us to share your views and play a key part in moving the debate forward. Further panel members will be announced soon.