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PANELIST: Afroisms - Many Ways of Being One

International shorts programme exploring the spectrum of Black subjectivity through the lenses of distinct subcultures from the Afropunk and the Afrofuturist to the Afropolitan and the Black Dandy. The programme will be followed by a panel discussion with experts exploring and debating the key polemics within these cultures and asking how far the dogma of the ism can truly define us.

'Afroisms I ' brings together the Afropolitan saupers in downtown Soweto with the artists and designers on the shores of Dakar, Afropunk's latest offering - Queer Hip Hop from the sidewalks of New York and Afrofuturist Odysseys into the heart of the diaspora.

Our globetrotting film programme explores the full range of black subjectivity as it is today and has always been - vibrant, polemic, creative and diverse. The discussion that follows with get to the heart of these distinct subcultures and ask: how far can the dogma of isms define us? Can the hyper-hetro-masculine Hip-Hop arena make space for the Queer voice? Has the value of the Afropolitan been underestimated?